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Are you looking for a practical based .Net, Angular, React Course that will help you...

Training → Industrial Project → Interview Prep → IT Jobs

What will you learn in this Course?

🔥 Why choose ProgrammingTree for .Net, Angular, React Training & Live Projects?

ProgrammingTree is Best Training center for .Net, React, Angular in Nagpur, Offering Classroom and online training. Learn from 10+ Years industry experts who have awarded by more than 10 International Certification. Developed software for clients from India, USA, UK, Canada, Switzerland, Singapore, Australia and Japan.

🔥 IT Industrial training approach at ProgrammingTree

IT Industry live project training for each student who wants to work with IT Companies, Best case studies of the IT Industry during this Industrial training, gives you exposure to Industry much before joining IT Industry.


🔥 Interview preparation approach at ProgrammingTree

Interview Preparation, Best team with more than 12+ years experience in recruitment and HR will help you build your resume, communication skill, common questions to face and so on.

What is ProgrammingTree?


  • Step 1: ProgrammingTree is a modern Software Technology Training cum Development Company situated in the city of Nagpur, India. 
  • Step 2: ProgrammingTree trains students or fresher’s and transforms them into professionals and also trains professionals to transform them into absolute master of the domain technologies.
  • Step 3: All faculty providing Industrial training here are International certified /having industrial experience into IT industry.
  • Step 4: ProgrammingTree is a professionally managed organization, providing automated solutions for your business needs in Latest Software and Internet technologies like MS.NET, Digital Marketing, MongoDB, Express js, Angularjs, Node js, React js and Python Al. 
  • Step 5: We provide Software Engineering and IT organizations with a range of solutions and services in the areas of Application Development, Maintenance, Artificial Intelligence Systems, Software Testing and Quality Assurance.


Power Programming Session for Students

International AI Summit Power Talk at Raisoni College

Felicitation at Anjuman College


Student's Review

Our Students/Alumni Works At:

Paypal, Cisco, Microsoft, Amdocs, Infosys, TCS, Capgemini ,Amazon, Yahoo, Tech-Mahindra, Reliance, Barclay, Cognizant, Fujitsu, Accenture, WNS, HP,Mphasis, Delaplex, Infobeans, Infocepts, Persistent , Convergys, Elmogar, MRR Soft,HCL, Global Logic, Kratin, Fendahl, Alacrity, Light House, Smart Data, Cloud Data, Visa , Mastersoft, Nice and much more..

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What if I miss out on any of the sessions?

Students can either cover the missed topic by attending the upcoming batches/sessions for free there are no charges.


What to do in case of difficulty in understanding any topic?

Just ask your topic-specific queries to your trainer/guide. You get time to use the extra time during or after the class for such queries

Can you tell me about the placements offered?

There is 100% placement assistance provided along with help for interview preparations. The HR team would provide assistance and help you out with the interview preparations until you get placed.



If you have successfully completed your graduation or pursuing, you can be a part of the IT Industrial training at Programming Tree and if you wish to join the course for job purpose, then you must be a graduate at least in any field. Working professionals are also eligible for this training.


What about the salary in this field?

It majorly depends on your area of specialization. However, initially, one can expect Full Stack Developer salary in India ranges between ₹ 2.2 Lakhs to ₹ 16.0 Lakhs with an average annual salary of ₹ 6.0 Lakhs. Salary depends on both your knowledge and performance during the interview, and while working in the organization.


Will you get a certificate?

Here, certification plays an important role in one’s career. It boosts your chances of getting hired by multiple companies worldwide. It will also help you in getting freelancing projects and more. In this training, we happen to provide various certifications which also comprise a course completion certificate.